Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Week 23

Well, this week our young Master Johnson is about 8 1/2 inches long from crown to rump - "about the size of a banana." I've never known a banana to be as flexible as this kid seems to be, though. I'm starting to feel him moving around in there more and more. Some days it feels like he must be swimming laps, doing little flip turns on one side and then the other. Other times I'm sure he's playing air guitar, complete with rock star scissor kicks. I'm sure I'll find it a lot less amusing once he's big enough to direct those scissor kicks at my ribs and bladder, but for right now it's pretty funny.

We had our 5 month checkup at the doctor's yesterday morning. I was hoping we'd get to see the diagnostic ultrasound pictures (his little tiny kidneys and whatnot), but I guess the computer system is just set up to display the written report from the radiologist. Everything is in order though on that score (heart - present, head - present, growth progressing like it oughta, etc.), so that's good. And of course we got to listen to his heartbeat again, nice and strong.

Since yesterday was the end of the 23rd week, and I've started the 24th today, I'm informed by Great Expectations that I have now officially entered the third trimester. Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, to be honest. I was under the impression that the trimesters would be somewhat evenly spaced (13ish weeks apiece), but apparently the second one is only 10 weeks long while the third is 16? Really? Anyway, whatever. Third trimester or not, I'm just glad we're heading into "winter" and "spring" (I use the terms lightly, living where I do) for these next few months, during which I can expect to grow increasingly round and uncomfortable; January/February/March is much preferable to, say, June/July/August. ;)

All right, that's it for this week. Tune in again next week (same Bat time, same Bat channel).


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Yaya & Buddy said...

Sounds like Master Johnson is doing what you can't do these days....diving! Sooooooo sweet to hear of his growth and movements, thanks so much!! Love & Hugs, Yaya & Buddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

susan said...

Hehe, yeah I just told my friend Shaleigh the other day that it felt like he was practicing his fin kicks. ;)