Friday, January 18, 2008

Enter Captain Random

Tom & I are having house apartment guests this weekend, and as I was doing some preparatory cleaning this evening, I had a series of random musings flitting through my head. I figured I'd break up all the baby news a little by sharing some of it with you.

You know what's a fun word/name to say? Bernanke. What with all this talk of "bagels"* in the news lately, NPR's had plenty of opportunities to mention our wonderfully alliterative Chairman of the Federal Reserve, which is, I'm sure, the reason his name popped into my head as I was vacuuming. In my perfect imaginary world, all of Ben Bernanke's relatives also have B names, so I entertained myself for quite a few minutes by trying to guess what those names were.

Bob Bernanke, of course. Beverly. Barry. Brenda and Bella. And there simply has to be a Beauregard Bernanke.

You get the idea.

Thinking about alliteration reminded me of high school English class; specifically, I was reminded of my senior year and AP Composition. After we had spent the previous year slogging through literary criticism essays, in AP Literature, Comp challenged us to write more creatively, to find our voices as writers, as opposed to just reviewers and analysts. One of our assignments, near the end of the year, was to write about Hamlet in the style of a Dr. Seuss poem. I could only remember the first few lines my group managed to come up with for ours:

This noble, that noble
Thin noble, fat noble
Some were mad, and some were sad,
And some were very, very bad
Why were they all so mad and sad and bad?
Is it because Hamlet's uncle killed his dad?

I wish I could remember more. I've got a copy of it somewhere.

After a while, I started composing this blog post in my head. Oooh, meta. So I guess that's about all I have for you. This has been "Musin' Susan," brought to you by Captain Random. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging.

* It's from The West Wing:
Larry: "If the economy is heading into a recession--"
Josh: "No, no, no. We don't ever use that word around here."
Ed: "What word? Recession? ...What should we call it then?"
Josh: "I don't care. Call it a boat show or a beer garden or a bagel."
Larry: "So if it is a... bagel, the Fed thinks it's gonna be a mild bagel."


Megan said...

You are adorable, you know that? Love the Dr. Seuss poem! What a creative assignment.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think that poem might have made it into the Knight Writers for that year. I'll check on Monday--no, Tuesday, Monday being a holiday and all--and see if I can find it for you. :)


susan said...

Megan - Why thank you. :) And yes, my English teacher in high school gave us plenty of fun and creative assignments our senior year.

Tiff - I'm pretty sure it did get into the Knight Writers. We had such fun with that, didn't we? :)