Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Trick

I think the young Master Johnson got his first bout of hiccups last night. Either that, or it was the first time I've noticed him hiccuping. Kind of an odd feeling - too rhythmic to be random kicks, too slow to be my pulse or his. Didn't last too long, maybe 10 minutes, but I thought it was pretty amusing.

Anyway, just figured I'd share. ;) Home today because I'm feeling kind of crummy. Fortunately, I brought my work laptop home with me last night, so I was able to get all the stuff done for today that I needed to, and never had to change out of pyjamas. And now, a light lunch and back to napping.


ml said...

wow that is really weird that he hiccuped!

susan said...

It's apparently pretty common for them to do that in utero. Gotta strengthen that diaphragm somehow, right?

Tom said...

I know, right? He won't use those lungs until well after he leaves Lanugo Hills.