Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Week 25

A new year, a new gestational update. You may be under the impression that I skipped Week 24, but in fact, I discovered that I made a mistake and posted the Week 24 information on Week 23. Week 23 physical info should have been: 1 lb, 8" long, about the size of a bag of coffee beans. Week 24 was the banana, and the last week of the 2nd trimester. And now we're up to date!

This week the fine young fellow is a little more than 11 inches long and weighs about a pound and a quarter - about the size of a small bag of sugar. Don't tell Bean.*

Great Expectations says that our "dextrous baby can now touch and hold his feet and make a fist." Sometimes it feels like he must be grabbing his feet and then flinging himself straight out again, practicing for a future as a high diver, perhaps (Pike! Triple flip! Straighten out for the finish!). After several days of "I think I feel something, maybe, can't quite tell," Tom finally felt a definitive kick last night, so that was pretty cool. My belly button can't seem to decide whether it wants to be an innie or an outie or just a weird round scar; the top part pokes out, but the bottom half is still indented, unless I am lying on my back, in which case the whole thing just sort of flattens out. It's a little creepy, but whatever.

All right, that's it for this week. Happy New Year, all. :)

*Bean is our friends' dog, whom we are told once ate an entire (2 lb) bag of brown sugar. She was fairly ill afterward, but she seems to have learned from the experience. Subsequent cabinet raidings have included the removal, but no further consumption, of brown sugar bags.


YaYa & Buddy said...

Oh My.... 11"! I've been marking my 12 inch ruler after each post, I'm running out of inches! :)
I think Master Johnson enjoyed the goose so much he was doing high fives for you! Thanks for the great updates.
Love & Hugs, Yaya & Buddy

megan said...

How exciting! This is great. He is getting so big! Only 11 more exciting analogies till the little man arrives. I see that you guys are watching Undeclared. I just finished it, it's so good! Too bad it got canceled. If you haven't watched Jericho, I just started watching it last night, and it is really good, so I recommend it.

susan said...

Yaya - You may need to upgrade to an 18" ruler...or a tape measure. ;)

(Auntie) Megan - Technically, the average pregnancy runs 40 weeks, and first babies are usually overdue, so there's plenty more updating to do before he gets here. I'm definitely enjoying Undeclared, but I think I liked Freaks and Geeks even more. We haven't watched Jericho at all, but if I recall, your mom really likes that one too, right? It'll probably get added to our Netflix eventually.