Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week 27

We're back to the fun food analogies this week. And the excessive usage of the word "about."

"Your baby weighs about two pounds and is about 12 to 15 inches long, about the size of a small pot roast." I'm....not sure how I feel about that. Somehow comparing the little guy to an apple or a mango seems okay, whereas I had issues with the lobster tail analogy and am similarly bothered by this one. Maybe it's the use of prepared foods for comparison that I find unsettling. A mango could just be chilling on a mango tree, but a pot roast? All cooked and stuff? Bugs me for some reason.

Anyway. I had my checkup today; doc said all's progressing nicely. My belly is the right size, the boy's heartbeat is good and strong, et cetera. I'm supposed to start keeping track of how often he moves around, which shouldn't be difficult, since in the last week he's started moving around a lot. Yesterday he kicked and rolled his way through two hours of morning meetings, which I appreciated, because it helped me stay awake. My after-lunch meetings did not go so well, when the room was too warm and too dark, and the little feller sound asleep, and the presentation material too was all I could do to keep from passing out cold, snoring. Oh, such fun.

All right, speaking of being passed out cold and snoring, that's what I should be doing right about now. Off to bed!

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ml said...

wow he's big! so exciting.
we should be nextflix friends.
i just got it. i use my gmail address.