Saturday, January 05, 2008


Tom and I have had our eyes on the Nintendo Wii system for a while. Unfortunately, so has everyone else. Nintendo's just not making enough of them to keep up with demand, so we figured it'd be a while before we'd be able to get our hands on one. However! Something happened that will cause me to cease mocking my sister (at least for another year or so) for getting up at the crack of dawn on the day after Thanksgiving to hit the Black Friday sales. That's right. She found and purchased a Wii. And didn't tell us. And went in halvesies with my parents to give it to us for Christmas. Needless to say, we were completely surprised, and exceedingly thrilled with the gift.

Its journey to us was something of a troubled one. Amy told me she'd mailed us a box via FedEx about a week and a half before Christmas. As of Christmas Eve, it hadn't yet arrived. Unusual for FedEx; they're typically quite reliable, in my experience. The day after Christmas, she looked up the tracking info and called to see what the deal was. They claimed they couldn't find our apartment - that it didn't exist! - so she gave me the phone number and info so I could call and give them what-for. I called and spoke with a lady who verified my address (yes, Amy had gotten it right). I informed her that, yes, our apartment did in fact exist, and that another FedEx driver had had no trouble delivering a package to us the very day after the supposed "failed delivery" of the box from my sister. (A "failed delivery" for which, by the way, nobody ever bothered to leave a note on our mailbox or anything...the mailbox clearly visible at the front of the building, with our apartment number written right on it.) And then. And then! The FedEx lady did something I never expected, something I could not have guessed in a thousand lifetimes that she would do.

She asked me to give FedEx...directions to my apartment from their delivery hub!!! What?! FedEx? Who is supposed to be able to deliver packages to the far reaches of Siberia if so requested?! I was so appalled. But I gave her the directions, and the box arrived on our doorstep the very next day.

And in the box was a Wii! Wheeeee! We've been enjoying it ever since.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have another Guitar Hero level to beat.

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Amy said...

A fine story :)