Friday, February 22, 2008

7 Month Belly

Here you go.

Kind of reminds me of something else I took a picture of this week.


ml said...

hilarious! are you done moving?

susan said...

We are almost done! Just the heavy stuff left, to move this weekend when Tom can get some assistance from someone who's not 7 months pregnant. ;)

Amy said...

you're huge! :)

YaYa & Buddy said...

Well there's NO doubt about it....You are soooooooo pregnant!! :)
You look absolutely beautiful...thanks for the great belly shot...good luck moving!
When will you officially be at your new address? Love, Yaya & Buddy

susan said...

Amy - Yeah, it's official. I can't see my toes anymore unless I lean forward or to the side.

Yaya - As of tonight, we're officially moved in! Whoo-hoo! We still have a bit of cleaning to do at the old place, but all of our stuff is over at the new place now.

MC squared said...

That is a gorgeous belly. You can ask Betsey, I've always said pregnant women are super beautiful.

Congratulations on the move. Are the cats thoroughly confused? I imagine the layout to be nearly exactly the same but nothing to have their scent on it. Ha ha! Take that kitties.

susan said...

Why thank you. :)

The cats were not really too confused. All the same furniture & stuff is here, so they had plenty of familiar things around. Loki was a little concerned about the change of scenery and spend several hours hiding in the closet, but by the first evening even he was ready to explore. Leo...well, I don't think he's been shy or concerned about anything in his life. ;)