Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I started working at this company a year ago, today. Which means that when I go on maternity leave (after Friday), I will have qualified for FMLA benefits by the scant margin of 2 days. Thank goodness for small favors. ;)

The craziness is winding down. I'll be blogging again soon. Lots to write about, and for a little while anyway, I'll finally have time to do the writing.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Arrival!

No, no, the kid's not here yet. Still got about another month til he's due to join us. No, I'm talking about this little beauty, who was waiting for me when I got home this evening.

It's a Canon Digital Rebel XTi! I have been wanting one of these for months and months, and when my company handed out our annual bonuses last week, Tom & I each chose a "splurge" item on which to spend some of the money. Tom replaced his falling-apart, cheapo Target bike with a sexy new one, and I wasted no time ordering a digital SLR. (Both of our purchases, coincidentally, are a pretty, matte black. Always with the unintentional matching! Hehe.) So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to playing with the new camera. Gotta make sure I hone my photography skills in time to capture every adorable, drooly moment of our soon-to-arrive offspring's life, after all.

And yes, my belly is still getting bigger. I'm past the 8 month mark now though; surely he can't grow that much more in 4 weeks, right? Right?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Brief update and something else to look at

I finally got around to putting up some of the pictures I took when Tom & I went up to the Bay Area a few weeks ago. You can see them here. I'll add the rest of the bonfire photos soon.

Work's been crazy busy, and I expect it to remain so for the next 3 weeks until I go on maternity leave. Lots of overtime will be necessary, I expect, in order to get a big project wrapped up and squared away. I'm also about 2 weeks away from putting my masters thesis to bed, once and for all. (Can I get a "hell yeah!"?) I am chagrined, as always, that I have yet again managed to get myself into a position where I'm scrambling to get everything done at nearly the last minute, but at the same time, it still feels awfully good to be getting things accomplished, knowing I won't have them hanging over my head while I'm learning how to, you know, be a mom and everything.

Insert same old annual gripe about Daylight Saving Time, with extra gripitude about it starting 3 weeks early this year. Or however early they've started it. The bastards.

The kiddo's starting to run out of room in there. He does less kicking and more stretching and rolling these days, but the occasional kick is a lot more visible from the outside than it used to be. He can still flip himself completely around, but I feel it a lot more. He spends a good deal of time with some part of himself pressed up against my left hipbone, which I can't imagine is any more comfortable for him than it is for me, but what do I know? He gets the hiccups every couple of days or so. The doctor says he's growing right on schedule, by which I'm hoping she means he won't be enormous when it's time to make his exit.

All right, to bed. Go look at those pictures, and check back at Flickr in a few days for the rest of 'em. G'night.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Camera Shy

Well, we had our 3D ultrasound appointment this afternoon. Unfortunately, the little man decided right at the start of the session that he'd like to have a nap and spent the majority of the time facing my back with his arm up over his face. Like so.

Eventually, he favored us with a view of his ear, and then a look at his cute little hand.

Right near the end of the session, we got him to move his arm briefly, just long enough to get a glimpse of his face, complete with chubby little cheeks.

So there you have it. I guess we'll have to wait til he makes his grand debut into the world to see what he really looks like. But this is pretty cool for now. :)