Monday, June 30, 2008

3AM Randomness

Why do they call it "graveyard shift"? It's not as though graveyards disappear during the day. "Vampire shift" would be more appropriate.

I was instant messaging with my friend Raul a short bit ago. Somehow we got around to talking about thrice baked potatoes, speculating on what the third baking would entail. I suggested that the standard twice baked potatoes would be mashed up, skins and all, and then all of that would be baked into a hollowed-out gourd. Raul said, "Yeah! Like a turducken, only for tubers!"

Loki just jumped up into the kitchen window and startled the bejeezus out of me.

I found the ghost mosquito. Or one of its brethren. The specter has a physical form after all! It's in the bathroom, on the ceiling. (Ceiling mosquito is watching you pee.)

It's pretty obvious which of us he resembles more:

Or is it?

(It took me almost 40 minutes to select and assemble those pictures. I have a lot of Soren photos. Not like that's news or anything.)

One more night at home, and then I'll be working during these hours. That'll be weird. I'm not looking forward to the drive back home in the mornings, since I'll be going in the same direction as all the traffic for a change. Bleh.

I think I've run out of randomness. Lucky you. ;)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ghost Mosquito

There's a mosquito in our bedroom somewhere. I know because I heard Leo chattering at it last night, leaping up on the computer desk and bookshelf in pursuit. He didn't catch it though. I woke up this morning (well, afternoon) with three bites on my left foot, along with one or two on each calf. Damned mosquito. I didn't even get the benefit of a nice evening out in the summer air for my troubles.

Update: It's 4AM and my left calf itches like a mo-fo. *scritch, scritch, scritch*

That is all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

There Oughta Be A Law

This much cuteness can't possibly be legal.

Aaaand the "Worst Mother Ever" award goes to...

I did not have a very good "Mom Day" today. When the boy and I returned home from our walk this afternoon, I turned around from unlocking the front gate to find the stroller - with Soren strapped snugly in, of course - mere millimeters away from tumbling down the front steps of our apartment complex. Note to self: that middle landing step is NOT level! You CANNOT set the stroller there without locking the back wheels! Holy crap, that was terrifying.

Later, I nipped some skin on the end of his thumb when I was clipping his fingernails. Of course I'd clipped the other nine talons without incident, and he was starting to get wiggly, and I was rushing to get done because he'd already scratched himself with that thumbnail earlier in the day, and I didn't have as much light as I should have had, and I should have just waited, but no. I tried to just finish up, all quick-like, and then he was crying, and I felt awful.

(Fortunately, he got over it almost immediately and doesn't seem to be permanently scarred - physically or mentally - but still...)

I know, I know, "Worst Mother Ever" is a tad hyperbolic, but today certainly didn't earn me any gold stars or anything, that's for damned sure.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Travelogue, and other updates

Some highlights from our trip to Oregon last week for Amy's wedding:

1. The drive to Grants Pass (approx. 720 miles) took 13.5 hours and necessitated three complete wardrobe changes for Master Johnson. Apparently, the vibrations from the car induced minor explosions from both ends of his digestive tract, the poor fellow.

2. Soren met so many people, most notably the Grandparents Johnson, who hadn't yet been able to see the little guy face-to-face. They were as taken with him as you might expect (which is to say, exceedingly).

3. A shopping trip with Mom & Yaya to Babies R Us resulted in the purchase of quite a few unbelievably cute clothing items for the little sir. No one was more surprised than I by my involuntary "ohmigod, that is the most adorable thing ever" reaction to item after item of baby clothes. I mean, really, baby clothes? They're tiny and cute and all, but I don't tend to be one to gush about such things.

4. The weather was phenomenal the whole time we were there. Cool and pleasant and the wedding didn't get rained out.

5. The wedding (being the main attraction and purpose of the visit, after all) was quite nice. Photos are here. My sister looked gorgeous and deliriously happy, and my maid-of-honor (matron-of-honor?) toast was well-received. And Soren was (you guessed it) ridiculously cute in the outfit we bought him for the occasion.

See? There was also a little sweater vest that went with it,
but the weather was a tad too warm.

6. Amy and Soren and I drove up on Monday, and Tom (stuck behind to work) flew up to join us on Friday. In just those five days, Soren got more talkative and interactive - so much so that Tom could see a noticeable difference in him from before we left! It is truly astounding how fast they grow and change at this age.

Speaking of age, Soren is nearly 12 weeks old, which means (da da dum) my maternity leave is drawing to an end. I return to work on Tuesday and will be on graveyard shift at least until Tom's done with his labwork. I've been working on adapting to a more nocturnal schedule, which is why I'm up and blogging at 3 AM. It's not going to be easy, but I'll manage, and hopefully I won't have to be on that schedule for more than a couple of months at most.

In other news, I finally (finally!) have obtained the necessary signatures and approvals and so on and so forth for my master's thesis. As of tomorrow (well, later today, I guess), my nicely printed and packed copies will be making their way to the binder's, where they will be made into little hard-cover books. Quite thrilling. The project has taken a little less than two years, from start to finish, and I am very excited to be done at long last.

My 27th birthday snuck by, a couple of days ago. Among my gifts from Tom was the David Sedaris CD box set, and we listened to a fair bit of it on our drive back south from Oregon. His autobiographical stuff is all very compelling, even if some of it isn't exactly knee-slapping. The fictional stuff is hit-and-miss - hilarious at times, but generally too long - and some of it's just flat out bizarre. But all in all, it's a neat collection to have, and I'm quite pleased with it.

I've become mildly addicted to Scrabulous, which has a solitaire function that permits you to play against a "robot." I play with the robot set to level 10 (the maximum) and manage to win often enough that I'm encouraged to continue playing. I have always fancied myself a reasonably accomplished Scrabble player, and now I'm just honing my mad skillz to a razor edge! Between this and WebBoggle, I should be able to keep Alzheimer's at bay. As a bonus, it gives me something useful to do when I'm trying to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning. ;)

All right, I think that's all I've got for now. I don't know how much blogging I'll manage to do once I'm back at work, but I will try to at least post brief Soren updates once a week or so.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nicknames having to do with little sir's bodily emanations

Baron von Poopenstein
Droolius Caesar
The Poopsmith*
Cheesemonger-poopsmith (variation on a theme)
Droolia Guglia**
Mr. Bubbleguts
John Jacob Poopenheimer Schmidt
Mr. Pooper (as in, Hangin' With)***

*See here
**See here
***See here

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oil Rigs Redux

Remember when we dove at the oil rigs off San Pedro, way back in August of last year? I didn't know it yet, but I was about two weeks pregnant with Soren. Anyway, I took pictures on the first dive with my underwater film camera. Unfortunately, the camera's a little persnickety and (just like it did when we dove the cenotes in Mexico) only let me take 5 picures before the shutter mechanism locked up. So I brought the camera home, fully intending to finish off the rest of the roll before I took it in for developing. Well. Best laid plans and all that. Finally last week I gave up and took the film in. Of the five pictures I took, three came out pretty well! Here they are:

Taken under the oil rig, before we descended. See the sea lion lounging on the cross-beam?

Bait ball!

Bait ball again!
Pretty cool. I'd forgotten how very unbelievably swarmy those little fish were. Hopefully we'll be able to get back in the water in a couple more months. Not at the rigs, of course (I don't think Soren would much care for the dive boat), but a trip to Catalina would be nice. We'll see!

See Soren Grow

Grow Soren, grow!

Weight, 2 months

Length, 2 months

Monday, June 09, 2008

Checking Up

Soren had his 2-month checkup today. At 13 lbs, 14.6 oz and 25 inches long, he's in the 90th percentile for weight and the 95th for height, for his age. (Tracking just about exactly with his cousin, Charlie! Though technically, they're second-cousins, I think...) The doctor said he's obviously got breastfeeding figured out! He's meeting all his milestones for physical and social skills (such as they are) - he has good control over his head and can hold it and his chest up when he's on his belly, he's holding on to things that are placed in his hands, he's able to see quite far (fascinated by ceiling fans, at the moment), and he's doing a lot of social smiling and communicating. Good on ya, little sir!

Of course, since he's 2 months old now, this appointment included the first round of vaccinations. It was pretty rough, but way more so for me than for him. The nurse let me feed him while she gave him the shots (3 total!), so I was able to comfort him a little at least. But oh man, the wailing, the utter shock and upset on his tiny (increasingly red) face...just rip my heart right out of my chest why don't you? Fortunately, he calmed down pretty quickly afterward and fell asleep moments after I put him in his car seat. By the time we got home, he woke up and was smiley once more. Whew. He ate some more, quite happily, played a little, and passed out again. His legs (he had 2 shots in the right thigh and one in the left) seemed a little tender when I changed his diaper though. Poor little guy. Better a little soreness than a case of whooping cough or meningitis, however!

I did skip on the oral rotavirus vaccine. In reading about it, it seemed that the potential side effects weren't really worth the nominal protection afforded by the vaccine. The doctor agreed with me - said she wasn't sure she'd give it to her own kids, even! - so I'm glad I asked about it. I'm not anti-science, by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm pretty happy to utilize the advantages of modern medicine, but you really do have to wonder about the whole vaccination/autism controversy. I'm not entirely convinced by the arguments on either side, so I retain my cautious skepticism and will try to keep the boy's vaccinations limited to the ones that are absolutely necessary. Seems the reasonable thing to do.

That's all for now. More videos and photos coming soon (laptop was on the fritz for a little while, so I haven't been able to pull pics off the camera for several days).

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Play(group)'s the Thing

Soren is 2 months old today! He marked the occasion by attending his first session of Outside the Box playgroup.

Outside the Box is all about multi-sensory play. Each little activity is set to music. We played with slinkies and streamers and bubbles and beads. There was tummy time and a jumping game. Soren really seemed to enjoy himself! He was pretty fascinated by the other babies. The teacher was full of praise for his good head-holding and object-grasping, particularly since he was the youngest one there (the other three babies were 4, 6 and 8 months). And now I've got some new games to play with him at home. I'm looking forward to going again next week.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Call me crazy

I probably am crazy. There's no way it can be anything other than coincidence that my not-quite-2-month-old son keeps making hand motions that look suspiciously like the sign for [diaper] change. Right?


Every time he's done it today, he's actually needed a diaper change. Even when I thought he couldn't possibly have wet himself again already. Like, five minutes after the last diaper change. But I checked anyhow and, lo & behold, changing was indeed called for. Not once did I see him make the gesture and then find him to have a dry diaper.

Case in point. I had just changed him and sat him down on the couch to take a picture of him wearing my "I Voted" sticker and was going to write a pithy little post about how he's not 18 weeks old, let alone 18 years old, but he got to be strapped to my front when I went into the voting booth this morning (local election). Hah hah hah.

A couple of minutes later, he started doing this.

And I thought, surely this time it has to be a coincidence. There's just no way he could have peed again already. Here is my opportunity to prove to myself that I'm imagining things.

But no. His diaper was wet. Again.

So I don't know. Maybe I am crazy. Or maybe, just maybe, my kid's a freakin' genius! ;)