Monday, June 30, 2008

3AM Randomness

Why do they call it "graveyard shift"? It's not as though graveyards disappear during the day. "Vampire shift" would be more appropriate.

I was instant messaging with my friend Raul a short bit ago. Somehow we got around to talking about thrice baked potatoes, speculating on what the third baking would entail. I suggested that the standard twice baked potatoes would be mashed up, skins and all, and then all of that would be baked into a hollowed-out gourd. Raul said, "Yeah! Like a turducken, only for tubers!"

Loki just jumped up into the kitchen window and startled the bejeezus out of me.

I found the ghost mosquito. Or one of its brethren. The specter has a physical form after all! It's in the bathroom, on the ceiling. (Ceiling mosquito is watching you pee.)

It's pretty obvious which of us he resembles more:

Or is it?

(It took me almost 40 minutes to select and assemble those pictures. I have a lot of Soren photos. Not like that's news or anything.)

One more night at home, and then I'll be working during these hours. That'll be weird. I'm not looking forward to the drive back home in the mornings, since I'll be going in the same direction as all the traffic for a change. Bleh.

I think I've run out of randomness. Lucky you. ;)


ml said...

maybe because it's the best time to raid graveyards?

how's sleeping during the day going? are you able to do it?

Tom said...

It appears I was skinnier than he is, and my nose was pointier than yours was. But the shape of his dome tracks mine a bit more. He looks like a pretty smooth morph ;)

susan said...

ML - That seems reasonable enough, I suppose.

I don't really have any trouble sleeping anytime, as long as I'm tired. I'm not one of those unfortunate folks who can't nap. *coughTomcough* That said, Soren didn't want to let me sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time today. That's going to be kind of tough if that's how it is every day.

Tom - I think you've got it right, there. ;)