Saturday, June 28, 2008

Aaaand the "Worst Mother Ever" award goes to...

I did not have a very good "Mom Day" today. When the boy and I returned home from our walk this afternoon, I turned around from unlocking the front gate to find the stroller - with Soren strapped snugly in, of course - mere millimeters away from tumbling down the front steps of our apartment complex. Note to self: that middle landing step is NOT level! You CANNOT set the stroller there without locking the back wheels! Holy crap, that was terrifying.

Later, I nipped some skin on the end of his thumb when I was clipping his fingernails. Of course I'd clipped the other nine talons without incident, and he was starting to get wiggly, and I was rushing to get done because he'd already scratched himself with that thumbnail earlier in the day, and I didn't have as much light as I should have had, and I should have just waited, but no. I tried to just finish up, all quick-like, and then he was crying, and I felt awful.

(Fortunately, he got over it almost immediately and doesn't seem to be permanently scarred - physically or mentally - but still...)

I know, I know, "Worst Mother Ever" is a tad hyperbolic, but today certainly didn't earn me any gold stars or anything, that's for damned sure.


ml said...

eeeeh. i'm sure this is all just normal part of the process stuff. don't stress!

Grandma Carrie Ann said...

Not the worst by any stretch of the imagination! Those are just little reminders for the bigger worries that are out there. You are a wonderful mother!