Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back to the Vitamin Mines

I'm surviving.


amy said...

Now I don't know when to call you anymore :(

ml said...

it's been like 2 or 3 days back so far. i'm glad you're surviving, i'm glad you can sleep during the day.

MC Squared said...

Should I be worried about the process used to get the fish burps out of the Omega pills?

We only buy your branded stuff now by the way. I feel like you're looking after us that way.

susan said...

Amy - Typically, I'm awake from around 9pm-9am, and then again from around 2pm-7pm. So...pretty much the same calling time as before. :)

ML - This is my second night back. Soren didn't let me get my evening nap today, so we'll see how well I do tonight.

MC^2 - Only if you're afraid of SCIENCE! ;) Actually, the process is pretty low-tech. We just enteric coat the capsules so they don't dissolve until they get to the small intestine. No dissolution in the stomach == no fish burps. :)

Tom said...

Ohh, and I thought the problem was fishes burping.