Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Commence with the Gidding

I am trying so hard not to completely geek out over the impending release of the new X-Files movie. I'm starting to get really excited though. I know Tom's growing weary of my "Gah! Mute it!" outbursts when the trailer comes on TV (I usually try to mute all of the commercials anyway, but sometimes I forget). "Just don't listen," he tells me, exasperated, as if such a thing were possible. I'm sure he doesn't understand my need to maintain the surprise any more than he understands why anyone would find calculus difficult. Not a big fan of surprises, my husband. Why I would work so hard to deliberately keep myself in the dark is something he maybe gets, in principle, but something to which he can't really relate. It's okay. I never claimed I wasn't weird. He still fell in love with me anyway.

Just a few more days. I'll probably go on Saturday to see it.

I'm so excited.


amy said...

you should fly out here and see it with me...we should have a monsoon this weekend, so that would be fun.

ml said...

do you want a babysitter this saturday? i'm hiking in the morning, but should be free after about 2pm.

susan said...

Amy - I wish. Or you could fly out here instead. We won't be having any monsoons.

ML - We're going to my aunt's house on Sat. afternoon, so I'll probably just go to the first show of the day by myself. Thanks though!

Amy said...

I guess you'll never come and visit now, will you? :(

susan said...

Not if you're harboring Mr. Bonkers & his brethren, no sir.