Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Despite my best intentions

Most days, near the end of my shift, I make a little list of the things I want to get done at home. I fold a post-it in half - so it sticks to itself - and write in tidier than normal handwriting, carefully planning my evening/day/non-work time. Usually, the tasks on the list involve chores I'd rather get out of the way before the weekend, or stuff I want to look up online, or errands that need running. Sometimes there's a chores list on the front and a grocery list on the back.

I try so hard to be organized.

However, rare is the occasion that I actually complete all of the items on my list for a given day. Many things get held over and recorded again on the next day's list. And again on the following day's. And so on. Every day this week my list has included:
- laundry (put away)
- vacuum
- nightstand (tidy)
- coffee table (tidy)
And every day, for one reason or another, I've neglected to do these things. Granted, these days, it's somewhat more understandable that time manages to slip away from me (get home, feed the baby, nap 2-3 hours, feed and play with the baby, nap 40 minutes, feed the baby, eat, nap 1 hour, feed the baby and hand him off to Megan, nap another 2 hours, eat, go to work), but even before Soren got here, and my schedule was perfectly normal, I still had a hard time getting things done.

I'm not going to lie. I get distracted by the internet. A lot. And maybe that's my biggest problem. Maybe tomorrow I'll try not turning the computer on until after I've accomplished at least two of my list items. I know, what a novel idea, right?! Blagh.

(This boring post has been brought to you by "not enough sleep" and "residual guilt over an untidy apartment." Somewhat more interesting drivel to resume after these messages.)

Update: Sometimes all it takes is a good night's sleep (where "night" equals "day" when appropriate). The boy let me sleep this morning, minimally interrupted, for five hours, and I woke feeling quite refreshed. As a result, the bedroom's now clean, and the laundry & dishes are put away. Yay!


Tom said...

I feel much the same way.

Thomas said...

Welcome to my messy vampire world !

ml said...

good to hear that sleep works. hopefully you can get some more of those 5+ hour blocks of it!