Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Weekend

yay caturday

Another of vampire shift's little benefits is that, since I work Sunday night to Thursday night, my weekend starts on Friday morning. Whee! Sure, it also ends early, but it still feels kind of nice to be walking out to start my weekend just as the rest of my former first shift coworkers are arriving for the day. Extra nice is the fact that I'll get a full 2 nights off this week, rather than the abbreviated weekend we had last week. I am looking forward to getting some nice rest.

I also expect I will spend at least part of my time off playing around with my newly acquired copy of Adobe Creative Suite. My super-talented photographer aunt just upgraded to the latest and greatest version of the software, so she kindly gifted the older version to me. And while I think I'll leave the crazy cat head Photoshopping to her, I do aspire to become more proficient in some of the other image enhancement techniques she's got mastered. Should be fun!

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