Tuesday, July 15, 2008

His Hands

his hands are tiny
curled round my thumb or index
finger while he eats

It's the re-resurrection of Haiku-Tu. I figure we've got 38 weeks left til Sir turns one; maybe I can have a neat little collection amassed by then.


MC Squared said...

What are the differences between Haiku-Tu and Haiku?

Also, are you aware that you are the second highest rank on Google for keyword "Haiku-Tu"?

susan said...

Haiku-Tu is short for Haiku-Tuesday. Was a meme sort of thing floating around the blogosphere a few years back (post a haiku each week on...you guessed it...Tuesday). I will say I'm a little surprised I'm ranked that high on Google. There were plenty of bloggers who participated much more actively than I.