Friday, July 25, 2008

Lesson Learned

Whoever said sleep deprivation impairs judgement was on to something.

Last week I decided, for some reason, that it would be clever of me to stay awake from the time I got home Friday morning until it was time for bed Friday night. That way I'd be switched over to a "normal" schedule for the weekend. And even though I dozed off for about half an hour after Tom left for work, it was surprisingly easy to stay awake all day. I think my body was tricked by the daylight. I'm supposed to be awake now; it's no big deal. I'd been up since 6pm Thursday, and it wasn't until about 29 hours later, after we'd finished up dinner over at Max's, that I finally crashed out on the couch. When I woke up again about 20 minutes later, I was a super-crab and pretty much insisted that we go home, earning myself at least 50 more bitch points.

A few days later, it (finally) occurred to me that this was basically the dumbest plan ever. Hey, I know what will be great! I'll build up a nice sleep deficit all week, and then when I finally get a chance to catch up, I'll stay awake even longer because lord knows I'll never be able to fall asleep at night otherwise, and it's so important that I switch my schedule over for the weekend. Um, first of all, have I met me? Pregnancy insomnia notwithstanding, when have I ever had trouble falling asleep at any time, day or night, especially since the boy's been around? Second, does it really matter that much if I have a little trouble falling asleep Friday night? So I sleep in a couple of extra hours on Saturday morning. Big deal. I'll still have most of the day to get stuff done.

A rational person getting plenty of sleep during the week would probably have seen this hare-brained scheme for what it was, without actually having to try it out to realize its folly. Fortunately, I'm not so far gone that I couldn't come to my senses eventually. And this weekend, I'll be taking full advantage of the extra sleep opportunities available to me.

Not to mention the weekend's other, more exciting opportunity...the chance to see the new X-Files movie! Because I don't think I've properly conveyed my excitement thus far! And I wouldn't want you to think I'm not excited about this movie! No sir!

Have a good weekend, folks. ;)

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