Thursday, July 31, 2008

Note to Self

Just because you are too lazy to make yourself some lunch, you should not assume that the pasta you accidentally left out on the counter overnight is "perfectly fine" to eat.

Pasta: 1
Sue: 0

Between the unhappy belly and mister sir's decision to sleep as little as possible Tuesday morning, I was really in no shape to go to work, so I stayed home last night. (I figured the last thing anybody wanted was for me to deposit a puddle of vomit on the production floor and then pass out in a bag of vitamins.) I was able to get a little extra sleep, and the pasta demons worked their way out of my system, so I'm feeling much better today.

Soren got to experience his first earthquake yesterday. He didn't seem to notice, though. The funny thing is, it happened at a time when we would normally still have been asleep, but for the fact that he was all unusually wakeful. We were sitting out in the living room on the couch when the shaking started, and even though it wasn't a huge quake (5.4, centered about 30 miles away) and nothing got knocked over, I'm glad I wasn't awakened by it. That would have been much more startling, I think.

One more night, and then I'll be done with another week. Next week I only have to come for 4 nights, and then we're off to Oregon again for another wedding. Soren will get to take his first airplane trip on the day he turns 4 months old. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be as uneventful as possible.

Wow, this is a remarkably boring post. Not to worry...I've got more interesting things in the works; just have to get around to uploading some pictures first. Thank goodness for weekends!


ml said...

yeah a.r. learned in her gardening class that most people get food poisoning from pasta and rice that is left out too long. who knew? but i think i also learned that the hard way back in march.

good luck with the plane flight!

Tom said...

Man, I wish she'd shared that tidbit sooner.