Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Essay 1: The Pacifier

There was a brief period of time shortly after he was born when Soren would be calmed and comforted by a pacifier. Who can forget this adorable shot from when he was 11 days old?

However, shortly thereafter, he seemed to decide that pacification could only be achieved with a boob or a pinkie finger (though not his own). Any further attempted introduction to a silicone substitute nipple was met with a dramatic production that included crying, flailing and gagging. We eventually resigned ourselves to permanent raisin fingers and left it at that.

A couple of weeks ago, for some reason or another, the pacifier was tried again, and much to my surprise, it was accepted. I'm guessing this is at least partly due to the fact that, since I've been back at work, Soren has to eat a couple of meals each night from a bottle, and he's grown more accustomed to the silicone mouth-feel that he used to find so offensive. At any rate, this has made things much easier for us, and we are grateful for this change of heart.

Which brings us to today's photo essay. These pictures were taken Friday afternoon, when we met Tom at school for lunch.

Chillin' with my awesome skull-and-bones pacifier. I am so hard core.

Oops, lost it.

I'll chew on my fingers while Dad helps me get it turned around.

Now let's see...

If I bring it up this way...

Well now that's not right.

Eh, maybe fingers are better after all.

Ah, thanks Dad.

You're the greatest.

I can't help but smile at you.


I don't know what you guys are laughing at, but it must be funny.

Let's try this again.

Oof, not in the eye. That's too high.

Too low.

Ah, there we go.

I'm awesome.


YaYa & Buddy said...

Hey there Soren,
You are awesome indeed!!
Great series of pics....thanks :)
Hugs, Yaya & Buddy

YaYa & Buddy said...

What's with the amp;?? Gremlins??

MC Squared said...

where do you get cool 'fiers like that?