Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This...is PNN

I want somebody to create a new and different news channel. Ever since shortly before Soren was born, I have had an especially hard time reading/listening to/watching the news. Initially I chalked it up to hormones - it's no secret that most women are rendered extra sensitive by pregnancy - but now at three months post-partum, when all the amplified estrogen is on the decline, I still can't stand to read most of the stories that are published on a daily basis. And forget local news. The few times I've caught one of the local nighttime news broadcasts, it's seemed that each story is more tragic and horrible than the last. Child abuse, teenagers dying in car wrecks, young men and women being killed in Iraq & Afghanistan, starved and neglected animals, global warming...enough! Every story about someone's child being hurt or killed makes me want to swaddle my little boy in bubble wrap and never let him out into the world.

Someone needs to start the Pollyanna News Network (PNN). PNN would feature stories about good deeds people have done in their communities. About lost hikers who used their wits and survival skills to stay alive until they could be rescued. About dogs who saved their owners from house fires, and kids whose innovative and impressive research projects won local science fairs, and businesses that are promoting sustainability and environmental protection. These stories exist in the "regular news," but too often they are swallowed up by the rapes and murders and hurricanes.

I know that bad shit happpens in the world. And I know that ignoring it won't make it go away. And that tragic stories are just as worthy as uplifting ones of being told. But I think I could handle the sad ones a little better if I could then click over to PNN and be bolstered by a stream of consistently happy ones. If there existed a place where "newsworthy" didn't automatically mean "gutwrenching."

So somebody get on that, would you please?


MC Squared said...

I've envisioned this myself, and I've proposed it. The way the argument always ends up going down, is that if we set an agenda at PNN and decide not to report events that are outside our message, are we any better than Fussing Over Xylophones (FOX) news?

susan said...

Yes, we are better, because we won't claim to actually be "equitable and congruous." PNN is more akin to ESPN News, or MTV News...there's an obvious theme, and the audience will come with specific expectations.