Monday, July 07, 2008

Surprise Benefits of Vampire Shift

1. Improved dental hygiene - Because my sleep schedule is kind of weird now, I end up brushing my teeth an extra time per day than I used to. Used to be once in the morning when I got up, once at night before I went to bed. Now I brush in the morning before bed, in the afternoon when I wake up, and a third time at night before I go to work. Crescent fresh!

2. Increased blogging frequency - Yeah, I know quantity doesn't necessarily equal quality, but it has definitely been a surprise to me that I've been able to post something every day for the past, what, 10 days or so? When I was getting switched over to vampire hours at home, before I actually started back at work, it was something to do to help keep me awake. Now that I'm working, since I don't really eat anything during my "lunch" break, I have a free hour to kill, and writing seems as good a way as any to do that. And here I thought working these weird hours would make me blog less...

3. Primo parking, every night - Okay, this one isn't actually much of a surprise, but it's nice anyway. The majority of the folks working this shift are out in the production area, which means they tend to park on the other side of the building from where I usually park, leaving many, many gloriously empty spaces right outside the door by my office.

4. I thought I had another one, but I can't remember it now. I'll add it later if it returns to me.


MC Squared said...

You bring the memories of Sifl and Ollie back with your "crescent fresh".

madre said...

Throw a couple minute of flossing into the mix and it's all good!!! ( You had to know I'd say that!):)