Friday, July 04, 2008

The Vampire Shift Continuum*

So here's the main weird thing I've noticed about working nights. It feels kind of like you're living and working on a continuum, rather than having nicely discrete units of work time and home time and sleep time. On day shift, you have that very distinct overnight time to sort of hit the reset button, as it were. But on vampire shift, you're leaving work in the morning, only to return (much) later that same day, which ends up feeling more like you're working one really long shift with little breaks in the middle, rather than separate days within the week. You get your "reset" opportunity over the weekend, rather than every day. It's a weird feeling, and one I completely didn't expect.

Three nights in, I'm a little tired, mostly because I didn't get too much sleep during the day today or yesterday. I've got one more night after this (yes, we're working 4th of July), and then I'll have a break. Next week - and the week after - ought to be made somewhat easier by the fact that Tom's sister will be staying with us and can look after the little sir during the day, permitting me a couple of extra hours of sleep. Whee!

*Sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel, no?

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ml said...

yeah i think it probably takes a while, if you ever get fully adjusted, to working the vampire shift. that's good that you'll have some baby help during the day.