Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well color me surprised

Since I've been back to work, one of the things I've been bringing in with me to snack on in the middle of the night has been (brace yourselves)...yogurt. Most often it's been...strawberry yogurt.

I never liked yogurt, unless it was soft-frozen. The texture bothered me way too much. Way too snot-like. (For years, I could barely tolerate pudding, for the same reason, and tapioca's still on the "DO NOT WANT" list.) Couple that with my long-standing loathing of artificially flavored red things. Strawberry candy? Blech. Cherry anything? Quadruple blech. (Actually, that one's still true, even for naturally flavored cherry, you know, cherries.)

The yogurt acceptance has been brewing for a while. Tom started making these berry parfait things when I was pregnant, and as long as I always had something besides plain yogurt on my spoon (berries, granola, whatever), I could handle it. Then he started blending frozen berries in with yogurt to make, well, flavored yogurt with chunks of frozen berries in it, and I did all right with that. But then, a few weeks ago, he came home with a box of little single-serving strawberry and raspberry Yoplait cups. I eyed them warily in the fridge for a few days, and then got brave enough to try one.

Well what do you know? Like Mikey in the Life commercials, like the Academy Awards audience watching Sally Field, I was surprised to find that, really, I liked it. The texture aversion had been slowly driven out of me, and there were enough actual berry chunks in there to mask the "fake red" taste. I have since branched out to try other yogurts and have been similarly pleased. (I'm not touching those peach ones in the fridge though, Tom. Those are all yours. Yech.)

So who knows?! Maybe a few more years down the road I'll be marvelling at my new-found love of banana ice cream and peach gum and cherry cordial. I just threw up a little in my mouth though, writing that sentence, so I'm not too optimistic. ;)

What foods do you like that you never thought you would?


ml said...

i like the peach ones a lot!

marcy said...

doritos and nutella ;)

MC Squared said...

The peach ones, for the record, are the best... if you like peaches.

Once you have the taste for dairy yogurt, try out soy yogurt. There's an entire other consistency barrier for you to break there. :)

For me, asparagus was a startling change. I've come a long way on the vegetarian sushi too.

susan said...

What is this, the peach yogurt lobby? ;)

Hell yes to Doritos & Nutella. I don't think anything could be more surprising.