Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Briefly About Edwards

Okay, so I will agree that it was exceedingly naive for any of the parties involved in the Edwards affair to believe that it could be covered up forever. It was hugely irresponsible of John Edwards to deny everything and continue his presidential bid with the knowledge that, if he had won the Democratic nomination and the story had broken during the run-up to the general election - as it almost certainly would have - he would have effectively hosed his party and ruined its chances of beating the GOP. Had he owned up to the mistake, expressed appropriate remorse, maybe maybe he would have still had a chance with the voters. But denial, in this day and age, simply isn't going to work.

That said.

What the hell was Elizabeth Edwards supposed to do? I sincerely doubt John was sitting there saying, "Boy, I really ought to come clean about everything before I launch this campaign," and she was telling him, "No, that's a terrible idea; deceiving the voters would be a much better plan." I'm sure the decision was made, and her options were to go along with it and maintain some hope of holding her family together, or to leave him and spill her guts on the way out the door. Oh yeah, and raise her kids and deal with the return of her incurable cancer while suffering the very public airing of her marriage's dirty laundry. This claim that "keeping the secret was no less a sin than the one committed by her philandering husband" is completely bogus and pisses me off. I have nothing but sympathy for her and am offended by the suggestion that she owes anyone an apology.

Anyway. Just wanted to put that out there. Back to happier topics.

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