Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Captain Random Visits the Vitamin Mines

Fact: The softgel production area isn't nearly so odiferous when they aren't running fish oil on every single line. I can't imagine this would surprise anyone, but it was definitely noticeable to me tonight when I was making my rounds.

R&D has been working on several new products with colored gels. In the past, I think our only colored gel has been maroon, but these new ones are pink, lavender and (I'm told) a really pretty blue. They look like jelly beans. Biting into one would, however, be a very poor decision. Eugh.

The vending machines in the lunch rooms are now sporting a "healthy choices" row with things like baked potato chips, low-fat cookies, trail mix, etc. I just got myself a bag of garden salsa Sun Chips, which are oh so tasty. I've grown accustomed to snacking through the night, but it's fortunately been really easy for me to switch back to a night-sleeping (sans snacking) schedule on the weekends. Really easy. After spending the week like a Sim whose energy meter is always in the red, it is not at all difficult to go to bed Friday morning, take a nap Friday afternoon/evening, and sleep all of Friday night. ;)

That's all I've got for the moment. I may write later about how I think these new attacks on Elizabeth Edwards for concealing her husband's philandering are complete and total crap (because I do, and they are) but I'm not sure I want to bring all that negativity into my day. So we'll see.

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