Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photo Essay 3: Cholesterol Overload!

So, this past weekend, instead of doing a dinner over at Max's, we got together to make brunch on Sunday. As is frequently the case, we opted for something rather adventurous. We decided to try making bacon cups.

Attempt #1

We started out by wrapping raw bacon around the bottoms of these little dishes (not quite ramekins, but just a little bigger). These were put in the oven at (I believe) 450 degrees, with a drip pan underneath to catch all the bacon grease.


The bacon of course started curling as it cooked, compromising the structural integrity of the cups.

We ended up with some pretty big gaps in the cups, and they were kind of tricky to remove from their molds.


Also, if you look closely, you can see that the side of the bacon that was right up against the ramekin-type dishes didn't cook properly. We had to finish these cups in the microwave.

They ended up kind of flat, not so much cup-like, but as it was noted time and again, failed bacon cups are still successful bacon deliciousness.

Attempt #2

The second round involved some partial pre-cooking in the microwave, some weaving of the bacon strips - less cups now and more baskets - and reinforcement to improve the overall structural integrity. It worked beautifully.

Fill 'er up

The bacon baskets were lined with some sharp cheddar cheese, and then little discs of hash browns were placed inside.

Can't you just feel your arteries clogging?

The finishing touch was a scoop full of scrambled eggs with veggies. It was quite the meal, extraordinarily tasty and ultimately pretty fun to put together. (I say that as if I actually had a hand in anything and didn't spend the whole time keeping Soren entertained.) They were certainly fun to eat, I can tell you that!

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wow that looks delicious, i am so hungry right now!!!