Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some of what I've been reading lately

Not that it should come as a surprise to anyone, but I've been reading more "mommybloggers" since the little sir was born.

I read Mimi Smartypants even before I had Soren. She's got an excellent wit and is one of those bloggers who was just popular enough at exactly the right time and got a book deal out of it. Her daughter, Nora, is such a smart, funny, quirky (in the best possible way) little girl. It seems there is always at least one laugh-out-loud moment in every post. The frequency of her updates varies though; sometimes she's got something new every few days, but sometimes she goes couple of weeks without posting.

Cathy of Leigha and the Triplets writes about her 7 year old daughter and triplet (!) 3 year old sons. I cannot imagine even dealing with twins, but three at once? Holy cow. Logistics...

Jen of Problem Girl has some absolutely fascinating (and somewhat horrifying) insights into the foster care system. The story of how she and her husband ended up fostering and then adopting their son, Joseph, is downright wrenching at times, but I couldn't look away. After giving birth to their daughter, Elle, Jen wrote another series of interesting posts about her experience as a surrogate for a gay couple. Really neat stuff.

Bethany over at Kings of the Road has an adorable daughter, Stella, who just happens to be about a week younger than Soren. It's neat to read about someone going through all the same stuff at the same time that I am.

Finally, I discovered Stimey just yesterday, who writes about her 3 boys. I like her writing style so far and am looking forward to reading more.


Bethany said...

Thanks for the link, Susan!

susan said...

You're welcome! I've been trying to leave comments on your blog but ever since the redesign I've been thwarted. Wordpress won't accept my login for some reason.