Thursday, September 11, 2008

All-Time Allstars (Final Three)

Well, you're in luck. As I've been pondering which songs to pick to round out my 15 or 20 All-Time Allstars, it's occurred to me that I have strayed into "love them mostly because I haven't heard them in forever" territory. They wouldn't necessarily meet my "any time, anywhere" requirement. So I'm just going to list 3 more and call it done.

11. Counterclockwise Circle Dance (Lay-O-Lay Ale Loya) - Sacred Spirit Compilation Album
Lyrics are in Navaho, so...yeah
Not much to say about this one. I just love the way it sounds. It also reminds me of some good times, a road trip I took right before I started college.

12. Run - Collective Soul
"Now in this world of purchase, I'm going to buy back memories, to awaken some old qualities."
Summer anthem of 1999, also right before I went away to college. Sara & I spent most of the summer out at Caitlin's farm, and it seemed like this song was always on the radio during our drive. Hearing it once I was away at school was about the only thing to ever make me homesick. Again, this is one of those songs made better by positive association.

13. In Other Words - Ben Kweller
"If only time could reappear, now's the time."
Hard to go wrong with a song that sets the butterflies a-fluttering in your stomach every time you hear it. Even 6+ years after you first heard it.

There you go. I shall bore you with these no more. ;)

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Yaya said...

Never a bore!
Got to watch Playing by Heart last were right, I had seen it...enjoyed it again! :)