Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Grammar snob, much?

Is it bad that I get a little twitchy every time I hear the phrase "Change you can believe in" because it ends in a preposition?


MC Squared said...

You can believe the change without getting in to it. Apparently, belief is a state for some people.

I think there's a lot of (sic) language you can twitch over.

I'd urge you to get over this phrase as it promises to be around for a bit.

Dexter Colt said...

You are adhering to old-school grammar rules. Even Strunk & White say: Not only is the preposition acceptable at the end, sometimes it is more effective in that spot than anywhere else.

susan said...

I wouldn't say, mc^2, that it bothers me so much that it's something I would need to "get over" per se. On a scale of 1 to nucular, it's only about a 2.5 or thereabouts. And dexter, I suppose these are the same schmucks who would have me believe that irregardless is a real word just because enough people use it. Pah, I say!

Dexter Colt said...

Actually they say:

Should be regardless. This error results from the failure to see the negative in -less and from a desire to get it in as a prefix, suggested by such words as irregular, irresponsible, and, perhaps especially, irrespective.

Use those prepositions with reckless abandon. Free yourself from grammar tyranny.

susan said...

Sure, fine, whatever. Hmph.