Monday, September 22, 2008

No News = Mellower Sue

Things got out of hand for me a little bit last week, mentally. The combination of not getting enough sleep and reading too much depressing crap in the news made me have crazy-vivid unpleasant dreams, and then when I was awake, my mind seemed to be constantly spinning in the sort of way usually reserved for 2am worry binges. You know what I mean; insomnia brought on by the inability to make your brain just stop freaking out about the dumb stuff that will inevitably be waaaay less troubling in the light of day. I was turning into borderline existential crisis girl. Not. So. Awesome.

So I stopped reading the news. Well, I at least stopped going to CNN. And if NPR started getting a little too heavy, I shut it off and found some music to rock out to instead. Part of me hates this sort of news avoidance because I don't like feeling uninformed. But really? I started sleeping better, and my waking hours were less troubled. Sure, the big stuff still got through, but in headline form. And you know what they say about details being the residence of the devil and all that.

Some things that made me happy this past week/weekend:
1. The clouds on Thursday morning (see below).
2. Watching Tom make Soren laugh.
3. Receiving a very thoughtful and completely unexpected handmade gift for Soren from Tom's & my high school English teacher.
4. The tasty sliders we made.
5. My wonderful husband washing all the dishes, sweeping AND mopping the kitchen floor, and bathing the boy, all while I napped this evening.
6. The really pleasant breeze this afternoon.
7. A good, long (and long overdue) talk with FarmerMegan.
8. Cuddling with my son in the mornings.
9. Strolling on campus with Shay & Bella.
10. Tom.

I'm sure I'll go back to reading the news before too long. If nothing else, I do want to stay up on my election coverage, and if I'm not mistaken, the VP debate is happening this week sometime. But I think I'll extend the moratorium on CNN-reading just a bit longer, for my sanity's sake.

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MC Squared said...

Poor Sudz.

I just contacted the prince a couple weeks ago. How funny.

A story that won't make you feel awful:

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