Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sweet New Ride

No great surprise, the little sir continues to grow (see?). He has essentially outgrown his infant car seat, which means our awesome snap-and-go stroller can't be used any more either. This past weekend, then, we trekked to Babies R Us in search of a new stroller.

We didn't want anything too giant or bulky. Unfortunately, the first several light strollers we tried were apaprently intended for older/bigger kids, as the straps wouldn't tighten enough to keep the boy snugly in place, something we couldn't tell until we actually sat Soren down in them. Finally though, we settled on this one, the Graco Ipo. (Interesting fun best friend's first VW Beetle was named Ipo.) It's like a chocolate bar on wheels. It folds up nicely and even has a little handle on the side so you can carry it like some kind of crazy briefcase. Handles nicely. Sir seems comfortable in it. All good things.

I miss the cup holders on our old stroller (I used them for my keys and phone, mostly), and this new one doesn't have as much storage space underneath the seat. But Soren seems to like facing forward and checking everything out. We went by the turtle pond while we were on campus a couple of days ago, and he actually got to sit and watch the turtles for the first time. So that's cool.

I know all this stroller talk this is positively riveting. Not to worry. This afternoon, I'll post a cute picture of the little man enjoying his sweet new ride, which I realize is what you'd rather see anyway. ;) Hopefully I will have something more interesting to write about as well, but no promises there.

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