Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Randomness

I seem to be getting my ears tested rather a lot lately. Yesterday morning I had my fourth hearing test in 18 months (one with my pre-employment physical, two annual on-the-job exams, and one when I had my bout of Bell's Palsy last year). I notice that my gaze shifts slightly to the left or the right, depending on which ear is being tested. I suspect that's not unusual, though. Or very interesting.

Moving on.

For most of the afternoon yesterday, I had Bran Van's "Drinking in L.A." stuck in my head. Actually it's still running through my head now. No particular reason. I think I last heard it a couple of weeks ago. Before that, it'd probably been a year or so. There's a line - "But we did nothing, absolutely bupkis that day..." - and for a long time I thought they were saying "buckets" instead of "bupkis," which reminded me of the SNL sketch with - Who was it? Travolta? Google is failing me - wherein it is declared that "bucket" will be the new slang word for "cool" in the coming school year.


Not half an hour after I'd changed Soren out of his pjs this morning, his shirt was soaked - SOAKED! - with drool. I took it off and left him shirtless for a little while so he could air dry a bit, though this was something of a fool's errand since he just continued his slobber production and was soon slick from his chin to his belly button. But the shirtless little dude, with his little pants on, looks for all the world like a tiny movie martial artist. A miniature (very pale) Bruce Lee. It's ridiculously cute.



Tom said...

Bruce Willis.

susan said...

Doesn't he usually have a wife-beater on when he's doling out his ass kickings?

Tom said...

Sure; but he was the one with the 'bucket'

susan said...

Right! Of course. Thank you, trivia master. ;)

Amy said...

Holy crap, he's hilarious! Nice pics

Anonymous said...

This is one of my all-time favorites! How can one lil' guy be so cute and perfect????
Yaya & Buddy