Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back off, McCain (and some other stuff)

Dude, you can't have it both ways, you know. You really like to tell everyone what a maverick you are, standing up to your own party and "reaching across the aisle." But you also like to hate on the Democrats, especially now that you're trying to get more support from the right-wing voters. And then! You have the audacity to address audiences everywhere as "my friends," like you're the king of Facebook or something with eleventy-million buddies. (Some king of Facebook you are, by the way, admitting that you barely grasp the concept of email.) I was pretty sure that mavericks are not generally known for having so many friends. I am certainly not your friend, John McCain. You don't know me like that. Maybe, maaaaybe you can get away with that sort of crap at your campaign events, where presumably most of the people to whom you're speaking at least want to like you. But let's ease up on the assumptions of familiarity at, say, a debate or a general press conference, shall we? Especially if you're going to try in the next breath to convince all of these "friends" of yours what a rebel you are. Honestly.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I generally tend to steer clear of the political commentary. There are plenty of other bloggers who do it much better than I would, and I'm not out to alienate anyone. But this "my friends" thing has wedged itself in my craw. It's almost as bad as nukeyuler...

Anyway. Moving on to the aforementioned "other stuff."

Guilt has thus far proven successful in getting me to stick with my pushups plan this time around. I started Week 2 yesterday, despite being well and truly tuckered out and not feeling all that great. Go me.

Earlier this year (because I've been living under a rock or something, apparently) I heard about this 365 Days thing people were doing. The idea is you take a self portrait every day for a year, in different settings and situations. Seems like it might be kind of fun, but I don't know that I have the discipline - let alone the time! - to do it. As it is, I frequently don't get around to taking pictures of the boy every single day, despite my best intentions. However. With my cell phone camera I can upload photos on the go. And while I'm not all that interested in taking self portraits every day, it would be neat to have a daily record of life's random occurrences. So I decided I'm going to try it. My initial inclination was to wait until the start of the new year (or at the very least, the start of a new month), but if I put it off I may never get around to it after all. Anyway. My "365 To-Go" set will be posted here, on the off chance any of you are interested in following it.

All right, that's enough rambling for now. :)


MC Squared said...

I followed Mr. Thomas' 365 (he made the cachew crew album cover), and I'll be following yours. If you know at least one person is watching, will that help?

P.S. Most 365 groups require you take the picture everyday, but you don't have to post everyday, just within a reasonable amount of time.

Dexter Colt said...

I think there's another group where you take a pic once a week. That's one I might be able to do...

Oh, and McCain and his "my friends." It should totally be a drinking game.

susan said...

mc^2 - Sure, knowing I've got an audience (even a small one) will probably help keep me disciplined enough to take a picture every day. Probably. ;)

Dexter - Until Soren's weaned, I definitely cannot afford to play that drinking game. Not unless I'm playing with apple juice or something.