Monday, October 06, 2008

Not the greatest picture, but...

My parents sent us one of these padded shopping cart protector things. Now, I'm not all paranoid about scary cart germs. Even with all the scare journalism out there, I don't think I've heard of anyone actually getting MRSA from a shopping cart. Nevertheless, Sir's still too little to sit in a bare basket, all unsupported, so this thing fits the bill pretty well.

Usually I'd just haul him around in the front pack, but I needed to get some heavy stuff at Target this evening and figured I'd be less likely to bonk him in the head or something if he weren't strapped to my chest. So, out came the cart cover. It worked really well! And Soren thought it was the most fun thing EVER to sit in the cart. See? His glee is even apparent in this blurry cell phone picture.

I'll need to make a point to tie it a little better next time. It slipped at one point, and I looked down from browsing a shelf to see him...licking the side of the cart. Yuck. Good for the immune system I guess. ;) But still gross.

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