Thursday, October 23, 2008

Memory Lane Campground

I sing to Soren a lot during the day. My voice isn't the greatest, but he doesn't seem to mind. What I sing varies pretty widely; could be Beatles, could be nursery rhyme type stuff, could be Death Cab for Cutie or Aquabats or Liz Phair. I even wrote a song for him a little while ago. Today, though, I found myself on a kick of camp songs. I was amazed how many I remembered, and how quickly they came back to me once I got going.

The Alligator Song, Alice's Camel, The Yodeling Austrian (Ostrich), Kookaburra, Little Bunny Foo-Foo, Old MacDonald Variations, Waddly-atcha...suddenly I was seven years old again. (And I was all, Oh my god! I'm way too young to be a mother!)

In any event, it was fun to reminisce.


Anonymous said...

Please post the song you wrote for Soren... :)
xoxoxoxox Yaya

Amy said...

I just read The Mixed Up Chameleon to my class...yay for memories! :)

madre said...

I'm so happy you both have those fun memories to draw from and pass on! XOXOXO