Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, it's so much fun

For several days now, Soren has been making all kinds of silly noises and faces. In addition to his turtle face, he's been doing a really funny scrunchy nose thing I have yet to capture on film (or digital sensor). In the realm of silly sounds, he's started blowing raspberries again - something he did for a couple of weeks several months back, and then abruptly quit until last Tuesday - and making little high pitched sing-songy noises. He's taken to screeching on occasion (less amusing, particularly on my more sleep deprived days), as well as just seeing how loud he can go in a "regular voice" every once in a while. Most entertaining to me though has been his humming, with interjected vowel sounds. It ends up sounding like "mmmmommmmommmmommm" (mom mom mom), which is beyond adorable.

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