Friday, October 17, 2008

Take Three?

Well, I managed to keep up with the pushup challenge for two weeks this time, instead of one. Then after several days in a row of major sleep deprivation, I found myself too whooped to do even one good-form pushup. Blah. I was supposed to start Week 3 on Wednesday, but I haven't done any pushups since Monday (and no "good" ones since Sunday). I suck.

I did manage to catch up on some sleep today though, so I'm going to try re-starting Week 2 tomorrow and continuing on from there rather than giving up completely. Seems like the way to go.

I am definitely a different person when I'm getting enough sleep (even for very broad definitions of "enough"). I know this isn't an earth-shattering revelation or anything, but man. This whole vampire shift / new mother experience has really been a test in endurance at times. Tom is remarkably patient to put up with my snarky lows, especially on the occasions when even I have a hard time putting up with me. His schedule's been no picnic either, but he's been good and helpful picking up the slack with chores and stuff. I am very fortunate.

And now another rough week is nearly at an end. Yay for Friday! Have a good weekend, everyone.


ml said...

you can do it! you are awesome!

m.a. said...

I think that you're a rockstar. You can do it. I'm proud of you!

MC Squared said...

I'm interested in this challenge. What is a time we are both up and willing to do push-ups? We could call each other, get the task done, and say good-day.

susan said...

ML & MA - Thanks :) I appreciate the encouragement.

mc^2 - Unfortunately (and perhaps this is part of the problem) I can't seem to get in a routine of doing the pushups at the same time every day. It's usually in the evening, but my evening activities depend heavily on the boy's mood and energy level. If he suddenly decides he might like to have a nap, I have to take advantage of that. ;)