Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Vitamins, Horses, Books, Guilt Trip

Here's a nice set of non sequiturs for you. Enjoy.

Last week I started taking a B-Complex multivitamin. It's supposed to help with energy and quality of sleep and some other stuff, so it seemed kind of silly to not at least give it a try. I didn't expect immediate results or anything, but I think after a week I can tentatively say it might be helping. I haven't been feeling as run down this week, though that is probably due in no small part to the increased number of hours my beloved son has been letting me sleep these past few mornings. (Only two days left in the week, so here's hoping the trend continues...knock on wood.) At any rate, I'll keep taking it and see what happens.

It's been more than three years now since I've ridden a horse. Three. Years. I find that extremely difficult to fathom. For so long, horsing was my life. It was what I did. It tapered off in the last few years of college, but I could still pretty much always count on being able to get out to my friend's place a few times a year for a horse fix. But once I moved down here after graduation, Tom & I got into other stuff (namely, shooting & diving) and there really just wasn't room in the budget for riding lessons. Because by the way, horsing is damned expensive. When I got pregnant and could no longer dive or shoot, I really wanted to see about taking up riding for at least a few months, but between the morning sickness, the general first trimester lethargy and the Bell's Palsy, I never got around to it.

Lately though, it's started really nagging at me again (no pun intended). I have horse dreams at least once a week. I think about riding when I drive, when I walk down the halls at work, when I drift off to sleep. I think about canter cues and balancing and counting strides between fences. Part of me worries that when I finally do get on a horse again I'll be too rusty to do the things at which I used to be so competent, but another part of me wonders if all my mental rehearsal is keeping me (at least in some respect) tuned up somehow.

I know I won't get the opportunity to ride anytime soon. But I still can't stop thinking about it.

I've been getting books on CD from the library so I can listen to them during my commute. I've gone through World War Z (amusing) and Eragon (a little slow in parts, but entertaining overall) so far, and I'm currently about a quarter of the way through The World Without Us. Did you know there used to be 13 ton ground sloths in the Americas? Beavers the size of bears? I did not! Very interesting stuff. After I'm through with this one I'll be listening to Chatter, which is about electronic eavesdropping as it pertains to the various international intelligence agencies. Should be another interesting one.

Guilt Trip
Remember, oh, a couple of months ago when I said I was going to start the "100 Pushups" thing? Yeah, well I did the first week of exercises, and then we went up to Oregon and I didn't start on Week 2 while we were up there, and then when we returned home I had pulled a muscle or something in my back, and then after that got better I tweaked my wrist, and then my back was sore again, and then I was too tired, and there was one excuse reason after another after another for why I couldn't keep going with the pushups. Well no more! I am hoping that by writing it here I can guilt myself into starting up again. Come on, lazypants! Those muscles aren't going to tone themselves!

Update: Okay, I did Week 1, Day 1. Started a spreadsheet to collect data. Received and accepted a challenge from FarmerMegan in the hopes that we'll both stick with it if we pressure each other to keep going. Boo-yah.

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