Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Crock...Pot

We got a crock pot for Christmas a couple of years ago. Thus far we've only had a couple of opportunities to use it, mostly because we had such limited counter space at our old apartment, and also because we didn't trust the cats alone all day with a burny thing that smelled so very tempting. This weekend though, I decided to dig out the crock pot and give it a whirl. It occurred to me that (duh) I'm home during the day now and can perform any cat supervision that may be required.

Friday was bone-in chicken breasts. I tossed the frozen breasts into the pot with two cups of beef broth and a packet of Italian dressing mix when I got home from work in the morning, then set the timer for 10 hours. Pretty frickin' easy. Aside from the fact that the chicken was kind of mealy from being badly frozen - neither the pot's fault nor mine - it came out rather well. Clean up was really simple, and prep time was next to nothing, so I figured that was sufficient positive reinforcement to try again.

Saturday night we had ribs over at Max's, after which we had a rack of uncooked baby backs left over. Sunday I prepped them with a dry rub consisting of brown sugar, minced garlic, salt & pepper. I layered rib chunks and sliced onion in the pot and poured half a can of diet Coke over everything (per the recommendation of this recipe). Eight hours later, the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, if not quite as flavorful as their quick roasted counterparts from the night before.

So now, as fall & winter approach, I'm eager to engage in even more crock pottery. Anyone have any to-die-for recipes they'd like to share?


ml said...

i make bean soup in my crock pot. throw in a ham-leg-bone with the remnant meat. add a 1lb bag of dried navy beans, a can of crushed tomatoes, water, and any other veggies you want (can add the veg later too). and let it go.

Anonymous said...

Crock pots rule !
I like doing ribs or other lower quality meats because the slow cooking helps to tenderize and the simmering really blends the different flavors you put in.

crocked dad

Tom said...

I'd like the bean soup. We'll def try that. And see about getting a cow tongue or something.

Amy said...

We got 4 crock pots as wedding gifts.

Anonymous said...

Check out
Greek Beef & Eggplant Crock Pot Stew, recipe # 81962. I have used lamb for yummy.