Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Antilibrarian

One of Soren's new favorite pastimes (as you may have guessed from the recent photos) is pulling books off our bookshelves. Sometimes he tries to eat them; Tuesday night he left the cover of Assassination Vacation soaked with drool and profoundly ripped. Other times, he is less destructive.

Yesterday afternoon, he had settled himself in front of the textbook bookcase and began pulling the books off the second-to-bottom shelf, moving from right to left. There was no ripping or attempted consumption. He was just methodically pulling them down into a pile. When he got to the first big textbook (O-Chem), I walked over to stop him, put the books back up that he'd pulled down, and added four or five of his board books to the shelf so he could chew on those if he wanted. For the next fifteen or twenty minutes, he repeated the process - pull the books down into a pile until he got to O-Chem, wait for me to replace them, and then do it all over again.

I know as a mother I should probably not encourage this sort of behavior, especially after the destruction of Assassination Vacation. But it's pretty darned cute, and part of me feels like it's worthwhile for him to associate books with fun. Particularly since he won't let me read to him these days without making a dive for the book every few seconds in an attempt to eat it. (Forget the pictures, Mom, I want to chew on it instead!)

Silly little guy.


madre said...

When I would try to cook you were into everything so I put plastic items in a bottom drawer that you could get into. I'd change them often so you were kept entertained and I could finish my task at hand! xoxo

Amy said...

Repeated reaction = learned behavior. I told you I'm taking psychology class right now, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Attaboy(Silent Witness) says it all.

Grins is possibly the most precious of all
the pics of Soren that I have seen.

Grandpa J

susan said...

Madre - A fine idea :)

Amy - That's him, our daily developmental psychology demonstration. Hehe.

Grandpa J - Glad you're enjoying the photos. Little bugger gets cuter every day, it seems.