Monday, November 17, 2008


It's been a rough few nights with the little sir. He stopped sleeping solidly through (even most of) the night, waking up every couple of hours or waking up and staying awake for a while in the middle of the night...not so awesome. I'm pretty sure though that he just needs to eat more. He's turned into a ravenous little beastie, wolfing down way more than his usual nightime amounts.

Last week I pureed some avocado for him, having heard nothing but fantastic things about its use as a baby food. High in protein, got some good fats and oils, yada yada. Plus it's delicious. Well, Soren wasn't quite so sure about this last claim at first. Gagged his way through about a teaspoon's worth, the first time, poor lad. Thereafter though, he happily opened his mouth for more at each meal.

Last night it was time to make the next week's worth of Soren food. The plan for this week was peas. We wanted to find a way to bulk the peas up a bit though, so Tom ground up some brown rice (uncooked) in the coffee grinder and made kind of a porridge with it, which he then added to the pureed peas, along with a tiny bit of olive oil. I'm hoping to get home this morning to a good report that the little weasel slept better last night with his hungers more effectively sated.

Of course, I also hope he is inclined to take a couple of good naps during the day today. Somehow though, I suspect we're only going to get one or the other.


Tom said...

He was okay. Slept nicely from eleven forty-five until twelve forty-five. And then from about one until about six, when he woke up ticked off. Though he fell back asleep after that.

susan said...

After I got home, a bit before 8, he let me sleep largely uninterrupted (just a couple of snack-and-back-to-sleep breaks) until about 12:30. Had maybe a 45 minute nap in the early afternoon and about a 15 minute nap in the evening. Not too bad, considering.