Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holly Jolly

I am no fan of the increasingly accelerated schedule by which seasonal things go on display. Stores that start putting their Christmas stuff out before Halloween? Lame! Radio stations that put holiday songs into the rotation in early November? Bah! The same can be said of putting bikinis out on January 1st, or winter coats out in July. It's just so dumb.


I am always excited when grocery stores bust out the cinnamon-scented pine cones. It could almost never be too early, for me. Those things are great. I don't know what it is about them that I love so much. It's not as though it would be difficult to just acquire some cinnamon air freshener or boil cinnamon sticks on the stove; it would make the apartment smell just as nice, any time of year. But few things put me in the holiday spirit like cinnamon pine cones and evergreen wreaths, so when these things become available for purchase, I have a very hard time resisting them.

Which is why there's a sack of cinnamon-y pine cones hanging on the back of our door right now. Yay, holidays. :)


ml said...

=). I saw that eggnog was onsale at vons this week (and i will be brining some to mk's tomorrow night).. and was very excited! but in general, i agree with you!

Marcy said...

heard the first christmas carol tonight on the radio...needless to say I started switching stations quickly...its way too early for that

Betsey said...

Really? I have to avoid those high-concentration pine cone zones in stores, or I get light headed and nauseated. That fake cinnamon smell hurts my brain.

MC Squared said...

So long as there are people that want to feel good in a bikini in January, people that tune in for Christmas songs in November, and people that want to profess their love of Christmas right over lovely pagan holidays, the acceleration will continue.

If you can't have self restraint for the cinnamon cones, and I can't restrain from the eggnog, then we must lump ourselves in with everyone else with no self restraint. Is the market dumb for catering to our weaknesses, or are we dumb for indulging in them?

I enjoy being righteously miffed at the Christmas displays in October, but I'm going to try and remember that I buy the eggnog and would gladly do so in July. I need to just realize that the height of my perspective on the situation comes from the ego I'm standing upon.

MC Squared said...

Hey, so I had this realization when I read your stuff earlier and I kind of got carried away there. So I guess my perspective was soap box more than ego, but in re-reading it later it felt kind of hostile, and I just hope you know I'd never mean to be like that.

Peace Out,

P.S. Hilariously (to me) my word verification is tripa for this one.

susan said...

ML - Imagine how much easier it would have been if you'd actually remembered to get the egg nog before coming over to Max's. ;)

Marcy - I haven't heard any yet. I know it won't be long though.

Betsey - I can see how the cinnamon smell could get overwhelming. Doesn't bother me though. :)

MC^2 - Silly fellow, I didn't take your comment as hostile. I do think there's some difference though between the overtly Christmas!-y decorations & carols and the associated-but-more-subtle egg nog & cinnamon cones. Possibly the latter two should not be held hostage by the holiday season? I don't know! Why shouldn't those who enjoy the nog be able to do so year-round?