Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the category of "questions you don't really want answered"

I vacuum a lot more now than I used to. Like, a ton more. I used to vacuum maybe once every couple of weeks. Lately it seems like I'm vacuuming every 3-4 days. At least.

I'm sure most of it has to do with the fact that my beloved offspring is spending so much time sitting/crawling/rolling around on the carpet, rubbing his precious face on the floor and finding every piece of fuzz or tuft of cat hair or shred of paper he can possibly put in his mouth. I am, as a result, spending more time on the floor, myself. So I notice a lot more when it starts getting less-than-spotless...which really only takes about a day. Less than that, sometimes.

Still, I have to wonder. Are we somehow dirtying the floor a lot faster now than we used to, or was I in the habit of letting our carpet become disgusting before I ever saw that it needed vacuuming?

(Seriously, Tom, don't answer that. Let's just be glad I've improved in this particular aspect of domesticity.)


ml said...

3 people one of the mini - the entropy is increasing!

susan said...

Entropy, yeah! That's the ticket!

Tom said...

Well, before we didn't spend as much time on the ground.