Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soren Colbairn and the Pursuit of Toothiness*

Well, the first tooth has finally arrived for our little sir. I thought I felt something yesterday but couldn't get him to hold still long enough to obtain visual confirmation. Then this evening, he was lying placidly on the couch, grinning at Tom, and there it was. Lower left central incisor, just barely poking through the gum. Tried, and failed, to get a good photograph to share with everyone, but I'll try again tomorrow.

*I know. I slay me.


heather170 said...

We have no teeth here yet. I don't look forward to them. Nolan practically bit my nipple off one time after he got teeth!

susan said...

Yikes. Soren got in one good bite this weekend already, and that was just with the one tooth bud. Fun! Not!