Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh my

looked up from my lunch
to behold this lad of mine
standing on his own


Tom said...

Oh god, we need to dust!

amy said...

looks like he's going to skip this whole crawling thing and go straight to walking...genuis child!

MC Squared said...

Crawling is really important for brain development. Lots of children start standing once they learn to crawl, but will crawl for a good amount of time before they walk.

Soren, being the genius that he is, will know better than to skip the crawling.

susan said...

Tom - I know it. Was at the top of my list for chores today, and as you know, everything looks a lot better now. ;)

Amy & MC - He's definitely crawling, and getting faster/better at it, but he's also clearly impatient with it. He loves pulling himself up to standing, loves being walked (we hold his hands and let him walk from one room to another), definitely wants to do more and more of that. So we'll see!