Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When Tom & I moved into the apartment before this one, we found that the previous tenant had left a bunch of stuff behind in the kitchen cupboards. One of those things was a pasta roller. We decided it might be a cool thing to have, so we hung on to it and gave the rest of the stuff to Goodwill.

Yesterday - three and a half years later - I finally used the pasta roller for the first time. I had a butternut squash lying around and wanted to do something more interesting with it than just roast it up, and one of the recipes I kept seeing over & over online was one for butternut squash ravioli. Seemed like a neat thing to try. I'd never made pasta by hand before, but my friend Shay had, so Soren & I headed over to her house, pasta roller & ingredients in tow. I offered to split the ravioli batch with her in exchange for some assistance with keeping the wee one occupied & entertained while I made the food (trade-off #1).

I brought my camera along but never managed to take it out of its bag; pasta-making is pretty involved! (Not that I expected it to be otherwise.) So no pictures. Sorry 'bout that.

Soren had a fine time playing with Shay's dog & gazing at her 3 month old daughter. (Shay's daughter, not the dog's. The dog is a boy.) I thoroughly enjoyed learning yet another cooking skill. Handmaking pasta isn't all that tricky, really. And the roller was fun to use. Once I got into a rhythm it wasn't hard at all. In the end, I had 2 trays of delicious ravioli for my efforts. I returned home, boiled them up, and drizzled them with some melted butter. Heavenly. (Though I need to make the pasta sheets just a smidge thinner next time, and puree the squash a tad bit finer.)

Of course, I had to sacrifice one of my naps for the day (trade-off #2). Ultimately, the jury's still out as to whether the dinner - impressive and tasty though it was - was worth the extra sleepiness. I did get to crash out for an hour after Tom got home, but I was pretty logey thereafter. However, I'm not sure if an extra 40 minutes earlier in the afternoon would have made a difference. Eh. In any event, I would definitely like to make more handmade pasta in the future, and maybe try one of the roller's noodle attachments next time.

I'll just make sure to wait for the weekend, though.


heather170 said...

Wow, homemade squash pasta. I'm totally impressed!

susan said...

Thanks :)