Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Another one?

Soren is just popping out those teeth, all rapid fire style. Got his first one, then 6 days later got his second one (both lower central incisors) and just yesterday - 8 days after the second one - I noticed a third tooth emerging! This time it's an upper, the right central incisor. From the look of his gums, the left one isn't far behind. So, very soon, the little scraeling will have a matched set of uppers and lowers, all the better to nibble with.



Bethany said...

Way to go, Soren! Stella still hasn't gotten her first tooth--although everyday I think it's going to be "the day"!

susan said...

It's amazing how much the drool production slows down after they cut that first tooth (at least Soren's did). I mean, he still drools plenty, but he almost never wears a bib anymore, whereas a couple of months ago he was soaking through several a day!

ml said...

wow that's a weird correlation - drool and teeth!