Monday, December 08, 2008

Eight Months Old

  • He is a speed-crawler these days, with a habit of streaking toward the bathroom whenever we've left the door open.
  • He is also a very capable cruiser, making his way from the TV stand to the coffee table to the couch with almost no trouble.
  • He has three teeth, with a fourth on the way!
  • He can stand unsupported for a second or two at a time. Last night he crawled over to where I was standing, pulled himself up by my pantlegs, and reached his arms up toward me! I snagged him just before he would have fallen.
  • He does a pretty respectable pteradactyl impersonation.
  • He loves being chased by Tom in crawl-races through the living room. Giggles and grins like his face is going to split in twain.
  • He has tried many solid (well, mushy) foods now. Favorites include butternut squash, carrots, and avocado. He is not a fan of peas or (so far) chicken (though Tom mixed the chicken with some sweet potatoes and he seemed to tolerate that all right). Going to start trying finger foods soon!
  • He weighs upwards of 20 pounds and wears 12m size clothes. (Some 9m shirts & pants fit him, but the onesies are all too short now.)
  • His smile for me in the morning and for his dad in the evening is the brightest, most heart-melting thing I've seen in my entire life.


Anonymous said...

We look forward to seeing Mr. Smiley face when you post new caught in the act pictures.
It always brightens up our day.
We all turn into smiley faces...

Grandpa J

Madre said...

So true! You loved chicken mixed with applesauce and would refuse all else except yams for a few months. Love you!

Amy said...

I can't believe he's already 8 months...that's ridiculous!