Monday, December 29, 2008

Even more teeth!

Soren seems to be sprouting several more teeth again, all at once after a few weeks off. It looks/feels like there might be three coming in on the top, and possibly one on the bottom. We're trying to be good about remembering to brush the ones he's got so far; I keep forgetting, but Tom's been pretty on top of it. Soren doesn't seem to mind the brushing, fortunately (not that I expected otherwise of the little "everything goes in my mouth all the time" weasel).

Even though he's not using his teeth for eating yet, he's been continuing to broaden his palate, as it were. Recent additions to the pureed food smorgasbord: green beans, brussels sprouts, rice gruel, yogurt-y spinach, pearsauce, yams and cantaloupe. He still loves butternut squash and sweet potatoes. In fact, aside from the peas (which we'll try again soon) he's done really well with everything we've given him to eat. Such a good little lad!

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amy said...

beta-carotene! :)