Monday, January 26, 2009

Back outside the box

Back when Soren was a wee sprout, I read about this playgroup for babies called Outside the Box. We went to a couple of sessions back when he was 2 months old, and then I started working nights not long after. Since playgroup was (a) kind of expensive, (b) held on Saturday mornings (one of my rare and precious opportunities for uninterrupted sleep) and (c) more about baby-parent interaction at that age than baby-baby interaction, and he got plenty of the former at home for free, we stopped going.

However, now that the lad's a bit older, and I'm no longer greedily hoarding every available sleepable moment, I thought it would probably be fun for him to start attending again. So two weekends ago, we rejoined the group. The "sensory activity" for that session was finger painting, though that's something of a misnomer. A more accurate term would be body painting slash paint eating. ;) Observe.

We stripped the kids down to diapers and set out a nice spread of clean white paper.

Ooh, what have we here?

Soren immediately picked up the paint trays and tried to eat them.

Can I paint you now, mom?

Splat. Naturally, as soon as he'd managed to acquire a nice layer of paint on himself, he came back over for a hug. (The mom sitting next to me had worn a white shirt and fared even worse.) ;)

This past weekend was supposed to be "regular curriculum," which consists of lots of interactive songs (Wheels on the Bus, and the like), plus some playing with streamers and rattles and balls and stuff. Instead, we did just a few songs, and then the instructor brought out a huge bin full of old cell phones and remote controls (batteries removed, of course), for a sort of technology extravaganza. Which, on the one hand, is kind of "oh great, the very things I don't want him chewing on at home" but on the other hand, I guess maybe it takes some of the mystery out of these things for him. The surprise (or maybe not so surprising) winner of the day was the old-style phone with a cord and everything. The kids were all fascinated by that one. ;) "What on earth is this crazy looking contraption?! Why, I've never seen the like!"

Anyway. It's silly, but it's fun. And Soren seems to have a good time, so that's reason enough to keep going, at least while we still live here. :)

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Anonymous said...

This all sounds like quite the adventure,as long as it's all non-toxic. We really enjoyed watching the short video of this the other day.

Granparents J